Top 10 Pet Diseases and Natural Remedies

Top 10 Pet Diseases and Natural Remedies
Dr Jones’ Shows You 10 of the most common dog and cat diseases and their most effective natural remedies.


  1. my dog stop eat from his dish what to do? but he eat out my dish what to do? help me i like to know what is the bad treat to give my dogg?

  2. Thank you for all the great information you share.

    We have a growing concern with Lyme disease in Eastern Ontario.  We've been using a product called K9 Advantix 11 for the last two years as prescribed by our Vet.  but this product causes our Rottweiler a lot of back irritation that makes him itchy.  It's also a pain to use.  
    We were considering getting him vaccinated this year against Lyme disease so he can go swimming (which he can't do using this topical product).  Now, after reading your article on vaccinations I'm wondering what the options are.  We like to walk in the bush on our property and local trails.

    Can you recommend a safe product that is also effective against ticks & Lyme disease which will also remain effect with swimming? 

    Thank you
    Heather F.

  3. In this day and age, your honesty is so refreshing!!!!  I so appreciate the homeopathic remedies you suggest.  Thank you !!!!!

  4. Ever hear of Dr. Mercola??  He has great products for dogs and cats.  Just a suggestion. 

    I like what you're doing for animals.   I just got rid of another vet. hospital.   They refused to tell me the side effects of two flea meds and after doing my own research, I refused to give it to my big cat.   They refused to take the meds back, so I'm disputing it with
    my bank and….will report them to the Vet. Association so they don't keep hurting animals.   GOD BLESS YOU!   You are great and a blessing from GOD!

  5. Is the cough medicine good for cats too??   I heard lemon is not good for cats? 
    Honey is great, but is it good for cats??

  6. Is Vitamin B Complex powder in food good for cats in small doses???   Is cumin good for cats?  I heard it is good to ward off fleas.   MY cat scratches under his chin.   What can I put on that?  Thank you.   GOD BLESS YOU.

  7. What I would like to know is if a cat has a skin condition of any kind can a human contact it as well ? I do know Ringworm you can but what others ? This video was very informative …Thank you

  8. Dr Jones could be one of the the best vets around, because not only did he thoroughly master becoming a classically trained veterinarian in all aspects of physiology, biology; trained in diagnostics, surgery and qualified to prescribe drugs, and an experienced vet for 20 years, he then began incorporating natural treatments and preventative therapies and diets to treat his patients and educating his clients in therapeutic preventive care, so they could care for their pets more thoroughly.

    He started to realise the dangers of using some drugs for treating minor ailments and other diseases, and the downfalls of typical vet care, and pet foods even recommended by vets. He dared to turn his back on a lot conservative classic veterinarian held beliefs and treatments. and start talking about it.    Of course most typical vets might be appalled and threatened by what they would perceive as a 'threat' to their  classically trained belief system and their livelihood; – so many have condemned him.    

    This more natural way of healing which Dr Jones has brought to you should be welcomed with open arms, as he COMES FROM the very same arduous intensive training and experiences as the whole veterinary establishment, but has seen the intrinsic value of natural therapies and inherent dangers of dogmatic conservatively held beliefs of traditional veterinary medicine and bravely brings it to you. I have been involved in natural and preventative therapies and lifestyle for both animals and animals for many years and know the benefits they provide. billi taylor  @

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