Transferring Beer from a Blichmann Conical and How to Lager Beer | BGN Homebrew Videos

Transferring Beer from a Blichmann Conical and How to Lager Beer | BGN Homebrew Videos

In this video I show you how I transfer beer from a Blichmann Conical fermenter using CO2 as well as my lagering process. Please feel free to ask any questions about the process in the comments section. Cheers!


  1. Thanks for sharing Chris. I was just gifted a 5gal and 10gal set of Blichman Fermenators and cannot wait to use them this week!
    Question: Could you transfer from the Fermenator, through an in-line filter, and then into your keg to get that last bit of junk gone?

  2. Hey man nice video. I have a suggestion. Why don't you connect a liquid quick connector onto your tubing so you can fill yoru corny keg through the liquid pickup tube? This way you can keep your lid closed on the keg. Keep everything closed with no exposure to oxygen. ;-)

  3. Chris, you don't have to take the lid all the way out. This helps since you do not have to worry about setting it down on an unsanitized surface. Also, I drawn down the yeast from my conical 2 -3 times during fermentation to reduce the compaction and to get a head start on washing yeast for my next brew. Great video!

  4. I have thought about doing it but never have. You use 2/3 the amount of priming sugar that you would if you were putting it in bottles

  5. Hey Chris. Have you ever just conditioned in the keg without CO2 , like you would in a bottle and what is the procedure ?

  6. Howdy BGN! I have the same temp controller and a similar standup as my fermenter. I also am in the process of receiving a 15 gallon steel conical. Coming from using buckets, I always just attached the temp prob to the outside of the bucket with a towel and some tape over it. How are you attaching your probe now that you have steel? Are you keeping it on the outside or inside the vessel to monitor your ferm temp? Thanks for all the great vids!

  7. I'm looking into getting a conical and had one question for you. Have you ever transfered your beer from the conical to your keg through the liquid out post on the keg? My thinking is that you don't have to expose your beer at all to the elements(by opening the lid) which would reduce the risk of infection. The dip tube is also at the very bottom of the keg so there is extremely little to no splashing of the beer. What is your take on this?

  8. Got a question Chris. I don't keg but I have a fermentation chamber. How would I go about lagering? Do I lager it in secondary? Do I bottle after primary then start lagering after I bottle it? That ahead of time

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