TRAVEL TIPS: How to Travel for FREE

TRAVEL TIPS: How to Travel for FREE

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Want to learn how to travel the world? No matter what you budget may be, you can travel. In this video, I share some of my budget travel tips.
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  1. Is it possible to travel the world without money? I mean like backpacking, lifting, couchsurfing en asking money for food?
    And get to any place in the world? Or by working some places and move on?
    Because every vid that talks about 'for free' isnt really free after all…

  2. Namaste from india, Actually you can browse the airline websites privately,by either going incognito through chrome or private through safari. etc.

  3. Kristen, You're from Toronto?! (odd question, I'm new to your lovely channel!) ME TOO! It would be amazing if I ran into you. haha

  4. if you want to book a flight online, you just need to open an incognito tab as if you wanted to go on pornhub

  5. I love travel hacking. I haven't paid for a flight in full for 4 years and travel every 3-6 months. travel hacking will change your life

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