salam , hi guys ! so these are the travel tips that ive managed to come up with , sorry in advance if i didnt mention anything else , so i hope its helpful ! btw i know i spelled ‘accommodation’ in this vid wrong so sorry for that lol


Hostelbookers –

Ibis –

Booking –

Airbnb –

|| MORE ||

* hijab in this vid – Uniqlo (Hana Tajima Collection)
* contact lens – Freshlook in grey
* camera – Canon EOS 1100D
* Edited with – iMovie
* Vimeo –
* Instagram – @putreeo
* Tumblr –
*Snapchat – putreeo


  1. keep your money inside of " rosmah bongol " ?! okkk that's funny .. hahaha .. u're the besttt .. clear information. thumbs up !!

  2. how do you make money for traveling? I mean, do you make business on your own or do you make money from youtube?

  3. Do you work already? If so what do you do and how do you save? Possibly a video on making and saving money?Much love xoxo -huda

  4. this question is insane tho hahahaha but i rly want to know how u make money to go travel ? or ur parents sponsore ?

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