Treadmill Walking Belt Installation Video by Treadmill Doctor

Treadmill Walking Belt Installation Video by Treadmill Doctor

This video is an instructional video on how to change a treadmill walking belt. You will find detailed instructions and examples on how to successfully change any treadmill walking belt without having to spend a dime! All aspects of removal and installation are covered, including removing and replacing the endcap, rollers, side rail guides, motor drive belt, treadmill belt, treadmill deck and correct lubrication.

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  1. I am hoping someone can help me. I have a NordicTrack EXP1000 treadmill. It has sat dormant for about 2 years. It was working well the last time it was used. We turn it on, self diagnostics run and everything looks great except, The belt motor never starts. The safety key shuts it down so its not that. The motor, the walking belt and all rollers move well, nothing locked up. Any ideas? Thanks for ANY help! Michael in Cincinnati, OHIO

  2. hey guys my walking belt is worn out , im in pretoria where can i get the new 1, and the professional person who wil assist me . pls pls

  3. i have a preform tl725 that is from 1996.  It sat for may years.  I lubed the belt and cleaned it all up real good.  It worked great for a few weeks.  One night my wife was on it and it blew a circuit in my house.  I plugged it in to it's own circuit but now it wont shut off unless I use the power switch in the front of the machine.  As soon as I plug it in it runs at full speed even if the key is out. the only thing that is displayed is the message E3.  Any suggestions so I don't have to go broke buying a new one?   PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You said you were going to show lubing and tracking when you came back, but the next thing I heard was we covered the tracking and lubing! You never showed us how to lube the new belt…..and with what???

  5. The best how to video I have ever seen….he shares pearls of experience. Wish other home machinery fix-it videos were like this,

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