Ultimate Guide To Formal Loafer | Slip-On Dress Shoes | How To Wear Tassel Penny Belgian Loafers

Ultimate Guide To Formal Loafer | Slip-On Dress Shoes | How To Wear Tassel Penny Belgian Loafers

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0:34 – “Introduction to Loafers”
0:51 – “3 Reasons why I love wearing it”
1:42 – “Loafers slip on and off”
1:54 – “Loafers don’t have straps, buckles, or laces”
2:13 – “Loafers are casual by nature”
2:38 – “Loafers use a variety of materials”
3:19 – “Most common style – Penny Loafers”
4:20 – “Most common style – Belgian Loafers”
4:34 – “Most common style – Tassle Loafers”
5:00 – “Most common style – Horsebit/Gucci Loafers”
5:38 – “Can you wear loafers with a suit?”


  1. Anyone familiar with Gucci loafers regarding their size? I have already looked at the websites with size translations and they are no help? Anyone have first hand experience how the sizes run?

  2. Haven't had a pair in more than 20 years, and then only for work, but contemplating loafters. I find the horsebits intruiging, but sense they're best with tailored slacks or perhaps slim, non-tie suit (not a problem, but not my daily chinos / jeans uniform).

  3. Penny loafers are my business casual go to for work shoes in the US. It hard to beat the comfort, ease of putting them on and functionality of them. They look good, but not overly formal. I have pairs in brown and black, so gives me a great collection of colours to work with shirts, trousers and occasionally a sports jacket. A decent pair of loafers tend to last me and I just have them resoled as needed. If I am in a more traditional place like the UK, I tend to go with something a little more formal like a Derby, due to them being more accepted.

    I don't particularly care for the tassels on some loafers, but that just a personal choice. I have friends who love them.

  4. seeing these shoes now I understand how much those mens basketball coaches spend on footwear, seen quite a bit of them wearing these fashions and brands, excellent shoes, even looking great with their suits.

  5. Hey Antonio! I would have really loved to see some visual examples to go with this video. I've been looking for a pair of casual loafers and would like to see some more options outside of the 1 or 2 outfits I have in mind. I really like the penny loafer but I'm not quite sure I would be able to pull it off.. Keep it up with the awesome material!

  6. Never saw the Belgian loafers before, despite living in Holland. I like their more understated look compared to tassel loafers. Might plan a little trip to Antwerp to see if Belgians actually sell these. Thanks for the informative video Antonio!

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