Ways to Wear | Black Sweatshirt

Ways to Wear | Black Sweatshirt

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Five different ways to wear a winter closet essential: the black sweatshirt. It might seem like a boring piece, but it can be so versatile. And obviously, it’s super comfortable, so why not.
First video attempt, here we go.

I didn’t mention where my sweatshirt was from since they are fairly common to find, but in case you were wondering, mine is from Giant Tiger (, awesome).

Music: At My Heels – Twin Shadow

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  1. I like to wear sweatshirts "halfway on", like where I just put my arms through the sleeves but never pull it over my head. I pull the brim up to almost my shoulders. In fact I'm wearing one right now like that paired with a tank top. It's so comfortable that way, it feels sort of like being covered up with a cozy blanket and it keeps me just warm enough and I can always take it off if it gets too hot or put it on all the way if it gets too cold

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