wedding photography location session example – see me in action

wedding photography location session example - see me in action

see me in action – get creative wedding photos on location
make sure you watch it to the end as it gets better later
these are some ideas on how to get wedding photos with a bit of difference. just have fun and they will come by themselves. Never be afraid to experiment , even in harsher conditions

finished images :


  1. What do you have your  camera setting on?  ISO? Shutter Speed? and Flash ? Please do share your information on that.

  2. really interesting video, but how many time do you had together with the couple 🙂 ???
    I'm s wedding photographer too, but it seems that I got never ever have so much time, as well as a so phantastic location to shoot…
    Some of the ideas great but as well as U need a couple like that is the weather on your side 😉
    Do U agree?

  3. Ohhhh my goodness!!! How did I miss did channel all this time. You are awesome sir.
    Love all you have to show us.

  4. in 90% of your photos horizon is not in level so photos provoke awkward feeling.
    You have two options either do them straight or do them completely tilted so that viewer see that is done on purpose.
    Images in this video look like a mistake not actual tilting.

  5. This is the most amazing wedding photography video on youtube… You are an amazing wedding photographer.  Thanks for sharing this, I have watched this video at least 10 times.

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