Weighted Jump Rope Review – REAL Benefits of Jumping Rope?

Weighted Jump Rope Review - REAL Benefits of Jumping Rope?


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Today we’ll be discussing weighted jump rope and the benefits of jumping rope.

I have a 14-year-old daughter, Haley, who plays volleyball. She plays for her club, they made nationals and they got to go to Minneapolis. She is 5″10″ and because of her height, people say she doesn’t have to work on her vertical. They think all she has to do is to raise her arms and jump, but thats not true.

One of her coaches suggested she jumped rope and I was like, “Seriously, jump rope?” But he said, “Yes it gives them the agility, it helps with their coordination, it gives them height and has many health benefits.” So I started looking for a jump rope and I found this amazing weighted jump rope.

Click here to see this amazing jump rope:

This is a weighted jump rope and it is really cool because not only are you getting the benefits associated with using the regular traditional jump ropes, which provides both body strength and conditioning, but it also gives you the benefit of burning up to 100 calories per hour.
Another benefit of this jump rope is that it has the weighted handles so it’s also helping with your upper body, toning and endurance.

These jump ropes can adjust to your height; so Haley can use it with her tall body then I can use it with my short body and it’s just as effective for increasing your strength and promoting wellness and weight loss; and everybody wants to lose weight. This weighted jump rope comes with a very detailed manual that will show you how to test if the length of the jump rope is right for you and will also show you how to adjust it, if necessary.

Another cool thing about this weighted jump rope is that you can adjust the weights. So if for any reason you want to take out the weights, then you can do so; but we don’t recommend doing this since it would defeat the purpose of having weighted jump ropes. However, if you want to adjust the weights to make it lighter or heaver then you can do so by opening the handles and adjust it accordingly. Instructions for adjusting the weights are provided in the manual that comes with the jump rope.

These weighted jump ropes are very affordable and they are far better than the cheap jump ropes you get in the dollar stores. They are of high quality, the handles have a really soft grip and the jump rope is fully adjustable to suit you.

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  1. I remembered using something similar to this during basketball season in high school.  I remembered it being a pretty rigorous full body work out that's simple to do and I was right.  Started using this last week and can definitely feel all the muscle groups getting worked out at the same time. 

  2. jump rope is is really good to work out you really can burn a lot of calories from doing this. thank you for the video.

  3. This is an excellent source for weight loss & overall full body strength! Jump roping is very effective in general, but by adding weight this is ideal for burning an accelerated amount of fat while toning as well. 1000 calories and hours rocks!! Great idea!

  4. This rope is awesome! Why didn't I think of inventing this. It really does seem effective. I am sure this can help maintain my muscle. It also makes a great gift at a reasonable price. Thumbs up!

  5. This is very informative and well described. It's easy to understand all the points being made. How come I have never heard how great jump rope can be? I enjoyed it a lot and will share what I learned with all my friends.

  6. That's great information on jumping rope, great jobs ladies. I am a basketball player and to improve my agility, strength and stamina i jump rope a lot. I did not know i burn that much calorie though..

  7. How many variety of weights are there for this?  My friends from college has used this at the gym the college has and said it did wonder for their workouts and all.  I just saw the video of those three women talking about it and I thought that them adding good testimony on the weighted jump rope seem quite eloquent.

  8. 1000 calories an hour – that's more than swimming! I would love to be able to eat what I want and then jump rope for an hour… 😉 but truly,, even a half hour would be an amazing calorie burn. the arm toning would be an added awesome side effect 😉 another great vid, ladies. :)

  9. I would love to try jump-roping to lose weight and to tone up. It is amazing that you can burn 1000 calories per hour using the weighted jump rope. I can't wait to try it!

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