What Kinds of Toys Do Rabbits Like? | Pet Rabbits

What Kinds of Toys Do Rabbits Like? | Pet Rabbits

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Speaker 1: So we’re going to be talking about bunny toys today.

Speaker 2: Okay.

Speaker 1: . . . and I brought some of my favorite, and I see you’ve brought some of your favorites.

Speaker 2: Yes, I did.

Speaker 1: And I brought my favorite toy at home, Bean, my personal little . . .

Speaker 2: Bean, being such a cutie pie, Netherland Dwarf.

Speaker 1: Netherland Dwarf, looks like a wild rabbit, but he’s not, and we’ll talk about that later.

Speaker 2: Okay.

Speaker 1: So what do you do for toys?

Speaker 2: All right, this is something, well, first of all, my rabbit is obsessed with these little beachcomber straw hats, you just plop it on the floor and they’ll chew it. Here’s one that she’s not quite finished with here, but sometimes it’s just completely gone, and they just like to chew on it.

Speaker 1: Will she go through the entire thing?

Speaker 2: The entire thing, yeah.

Speaker 1: So completely disappear.

Speaker 2: But you want to make sure it’s not treated, right?

Speaker 1: Yeah, if you can, with any straw toys. Some imports have bug sprays on them, or other kinds of little chemicals that you might want to avoid, and it’s best to try to find untreated ones. Although people have told me that they have bought the sprayed ones because of a regulation importing into the U.S., that they have to be sprayed with no ill-effects on the rabbits. I try to find untreated ones myself, just to be safe.

Speaker 2: Okay. Now here’s one that I like to make at home. What you need is you just need a toilet paper tube, a pair of scissors, and you’re going to fringe the edges, because this gives them a little, what do you call it, like not resistance.

Speaker 1: It gives them a little play, there’s a little play in cardboard that way so it’s not quite so stiff.

Speaker 2: Right.

Speaker 1: So that they can access what it’s going to go into it a little more easily. I’m guessing you’re going to stuff it the way we do.

Speaker 2: Right, and then you kind of do the edges like this. See, this is fun, this is fun, and then you just fill it with your favorite hay, it can be a treat hay, you want to use like a herb hay.

Speaker 1: This is Timothy Hay here, you don’t have to use Timothy Hay, but any grass hay is a good alternative, Timothy is a grass hay.

Speaker 2: A little dynamite stick, see? And then you just throw that around, and I mean hay will go all over your apartment, but, you know, if you love your rabbit, you don’t really care, and then you just play. I mean, it’s really a lot of fun, you want to play with that (?).

Speaker 1: And you can use paper towel rolls too if you want it longer.

Speaker 2: Yep, paper towels, right. That’s the other thing . . .

Speaker 1: We have here a slinky, which is great, a lot of rabbits love to grab the end of a slinky and toss it around. One thing you want to be really careful about, and this is a good rabbit to show it with, this size slinky and this size rabbit could be a bad combination, and that’s why we’re showing this. A smaller slinky is better for a smaller rabbit, because this size rabbit can get its head into this slinky. For many rabbits that won’t matter, but some rabbits will panic when they get their head into a slinky, and they don’t back out. So you want to be careful about the size, and make it appropriate to the size of the rabbit.

Speaker 2: And what about metal versus just plastic ones?

Speaker 1: I like plastic ones myself.

Speaker 2: Okay.

Speaker 1: I know some people have used metal ones, but I like plastic ones, they’re much more visible to me on the floor so that I don’t step on them when a rabbit’s on the floor playing with them.

Speaker 2: Also oatmeal, sometimes people take out the sides of the oatmeal, you know, canisters . . .

Speaker 1:


  1. Hey, I have an important question. It appears my little Netherlands Dwarf is literally eat up with babies! Normally with smaller rabbits like ND you can't tell they're pregnant, but she's- how do I put this… noticeably pregnant from a couple feet away. I'm afraid she won't be able to take care of all the babies if she has as many as it looks like she's going to have. How many babies is a ND capable of taking care of? They're such a small breed… and I'm so inexperienced with the breed that I'm a bit worried. New Zealand's can have 12 babies and they all be sufficiently fed. Any tips? Advice? She will be having her babies sometime in the next couple of days.

  2. Today my dog attacked a wild baby rabbit and I saved it but bringing it in my house it was very Shaken up I am not planing to keep the rabbit it was just to keep him alive but his/her leg is broken or so what it looks like because when I put it down it's leg was out of place and it was pulling it around I want to know what's best for this little fella any suggestions help thanks

  3. Can someone help me? My rabbit won't chew on her toys. She snatched her brush and chewed on the rubber on the brush but she won't chew her toys. If it helps she is about 6 months old and I got her 2 months ago. Can someone help me?

  4. My rabbit chews the edges of the slippers and stops when all edges had been completely chewed,that's why all of our slippers had designs.

  5. my rabbits died the second week because a dog broke into our backyard, which then broke into their cage, the rabbits died from a cardiac arrest :(

  6. My bunny's favorite ever toys are old towels and fabric scaps, he'll drag them around and chew and dig at them with his paws, he'll nest in them and hide under them, it's a world of fun!

  7. help! my Netherland dwarf always goes the bed, and doesn't reaply wanna go out! we can't block it either, we even tried blocking it with mesh.

  8. Ha what's annoying is I buy treats and toys that companies claim bunnies love, my bunny DOESN'T. He pays no attention to them, sniffs and walks away! Same thing happened to my guinea pigs.

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