What Piano Should I Buy as a Beginner? For Beginners & Children

What Piano Should I Buy as a Beginner? For Beginners & Children

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In this video, I help to explain what piano you could purchase if you are a beginner just starting out or just want some generic advice on what piano to buy or upgrade to.

This isnt a full size piano (76 keys), but if you are on a budget, then this might work for you:
1. Musicroom.com UK http://goo.gl/WqhbWl
Amazon.com USA: http://goo.gl/O9mDFU

2. If you have a slightly bigger budget, then this is great:
Musicroom.com UK: http://goo.gl/LPLzkd
Amazon.com: http://goo.gl/mms5Vj

Here are some good books i recommend for Piano:
Musicroom.com UK: http://goo.gl/FSMq9G
Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/fmNEHi
Amazon USA: http://goo.gl/sjBPVj

Decent little pianos I recommend for Amazon.com:
Yamaha NP31 – http://goo.gl/pBY1hh
Yamaha NP31 – bundle: http://goo.gl/wXa6nl
Casio CDP120 – http://goo.gl/0cxqyx
Casio CDP120 – bundle: http://goo.gl/ADHExw
Yamaha P105 – http://goo.gl/s11aOF
Yamaha P105 – bundle 1: http://goo.gl/3pLunN
Yamaha P105 – bundle 2: http://goo.gl/sxmEBs

Decent ones for Amazon.co.uk:
Yamaha NP31 – BLACK: http://goo.gl/6ly2Vn
Yamaha NP31 – SILVER: http://goo.gl/M68QWh
Yamaha NP31 Black – bundle: http://goo.gl/f9tXmJ
Casio CDP 120: http://goo.gl/CX4R1q
Casio CDP 120 – bundle: http://goo.gl/exTEjy
Yamaha P105: http://goo.gl/sTA8RD
Yamaha P105 – bundle: http://goo.gl/Cp2B0I

Amazon.com Yamaha FC4 Sustain Pedal: http://goo.gl/enHttT
Amazon.co.uk M-Audio Sustain Pedal: http://goo.gl/t0DnUH

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