Wiring Tips: Twisting wiring on your electrical project

Wiring Tips:  Twisting wiring on your electrical project

Proper wiring techniques will help prevent problems down the road. Here is a guide for proper wiring.


  1. The wire connector i purchase says " for use with copper only" Would this be a problem to connect a copper solid wire from the box to a stranded silver colored ( don't know if it is aluminum ) wire from the Defiant timer switch?

  2. This is not how you perform a GOOD splice.The insulation should be equal,and to create the splice you should hold them in a V formation(The V is formed by the stripped wire)And place your middle finger behind the first wire and ahead of the second wire(Assuming your a righty),Your pointer finger holds the back where the 2 wires meet,and your thumb should hold it from the front.This is all done with 1 hand,next,Twist both wires at the same time and maintain the V shaped angle.After about 4 turns,or 1 inch of twisting,cut off the excess and cover with a nut.For a 3 wire pigtail splice,place a wire in the middle between the 2 existing wires when you start.Do 1 or 2 twists with the original 2 wires,then weave the 3 wire in.This is how it is done on construction sites and houses,and how a school will teach you.While this video does show 1 method,it is not as strong as the one described above.Also on solid core wire you can use the pliers to cut off the insulation(you can feel it hit the wire,and you stop),Then pull off.This method makes sure you get the insulator and leaves the wire perfectly intact!

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