Wrist Pain During Push Ups

Wrist Pain During Push Ups

Here are some ways you can do push ups if they hurt your wrists and my recommendation on how to stretch and strengthen them daily.

This is the daily wrist routine by Ryan Hurst that I recommend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSZWSQSSEjE

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  1. Thanks for this man, I have an old wrist injury leaving one hand unable to bend past like 22 degrees making a traditional push up position kind of a pain! Hope that wrist workout video can do something for me

  2. This is exactly what I do and it's a real fix if your wrist get pains when executing a push up. I simply one day started using my fist because my freakin' wrist keeping me from doing push ups and just like that; fixed the problem! Plus, the pressure actually feels soothing to my wrist when pushing up!

  3. You say that doing push ups on your knuckles strengthens your wrists. Why not just do push ups on your knuckles wherever it calls for a push up or a plank? Is there an "optimal" hand position?

  4. I have a slight problem and the thing is my biceps hurt (feel tight) when i've done certain amounts of push ups. say 10 reps of push-ups and they feel like someone's injected something in them and they're tightening up

  5. Hi Antranik!
    I'm far from criticizing your form, because whole Internet is doing knuckle push ups wrong way, but they should be done on index and middle finger knuckles (biggest and most robust). Pinky knuckle is way to fragile to do push ups on it. Otherwise awesome video. Thanks!

    Source: karate training.

  6. Awesome tip. I thought the wrist pain was part of the exercise, like it was working. They really need to change that "No pain no gain" slogan.

  7. Hi Antranik. I would just like to thank you for the crucial lesson of progressions your videos have taught me. Breaking down movements and scaling them down or up is applicable with any exercise. Thank you!

  8. Great video Antranik! Can't wait for the chest hair shirts to go on sale btw. Does using push up bars or dumbbells actually change the muscle recruitment during the push up?

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