Yorkshire Pudding Recipe – How to Make Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding Recipe - How to Make Yorkshire Pudding

Get the 5-star recipe for Quick and Easy Yorkshire Pudding at http://allrecipes.com/recipe/quick-and-easy-yorkshire-pudding/detail.aspx.

Watch how to make Yorkshire pudding. They’re roast beef’s perfect companion. All you need are eggs, milk, and flour to make the batter. It couldn’t be easier. A tremendous side dish for Christmas dinner, they puff up light, airy, and golden brown in the oven.

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  1. I am of British descent and I always thought the "oil or rendered beef fat must be "smoking hot" before they will ever rise to their proper hight and I followed this recipe of yours and had the tin "smoking" hot and still some didn't rise (from the same batch of batter) ???

  2. If you want a good recipe that ive used for years have half of pint of milk with 3 eggs mix until together then add 5 table spoons of plain flour and pinch of salt and pepper then put bitof lard in each muffin tray hole then put in oven until lard is melted then add mixture the higher and bigger they go if tin is hot

  3. Pinch of salt and don't use butter for peet's sake. I suggest suet,drippings,lard or anything that can be heated to high temperatures.

  4. I would suggest using an oil that can be heated to a very high temperature in the oven, prior to adding the yorkshire pudding batter. It us better to add the batter to a very hot oil as they rise better in the oven. They should puff up slightly as soon as you add the batter to the oil.

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