You Go First, the Salary Negotiation How-to.

You Go First, the Salary Negotiation How-to.

The topic of salary negotiations seems to be all over the media lately. The U.S News & World Report is sharing what the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team teaches us about pay equity, Fast Company is asking if men negotiate more aggressively with a female boss and lifehacker is telling us the biggest salary negotiation mistake is not doing it.

As recruiters we tend to have a bit more experience in salary negotiation than most but that doesn’t mean we have all the answers. When is the “right time” to approach the salary conversation? Do you really lose by going first? Amy Ala, Staffing Consultant at Microsoft breaks it down and sets you up to handle your salary negotiations like an expert exploring the challenges and busting the myths.

Listen in to learn:

How to deal with a candidate who won’t commit to a number
How to make the candidate your ally in the salary negotiation war
How to arm yourself with data for both candidates and HMs

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