1. I did not just find this…how far back does your Guillory line go hun?…I know we are related through the Baham line at least…I know there are Guillory's in my family tree back in the late 1700's when it was married into the Baham line and had my hole family line from there…hello distant cousin…

  2. Thanks for being a good teacher! I was born in Savannah, but, northern raised, so I never had a chance to see or learn any of this!

  3. Hi, 
    When the music was playing I notice you also do tiny steps between the 'main' steps.  Particularly, before the side step, you do a small step on the spot or even 'inwards' with the same foot!  This fits-in with the music and makes it all look so much better.
    Cheers. m

  4. OH wow! Im finally gonna learn this dance!! Then maybe i can try to teach it to my non-dancing husband LOL!

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